footsteps in the dark


(what i wore: 2001 space odysseys dress: motel rocks, creepers: thrift, blazer: f21, leggings: idk)

Oh oh oh! I can't believe this was nearly two weeks ago? Has it really been that long since this incredible visceral experience, feels like only yesterday.

Lets just begin with I was having a bad day, when I went to go see Diamond Rings x Twin Shadow. I was exhausted all day, I was finishing up the end of a trail medicine routine (which I thankfully gave the boot to), and I COULDN'T FINDS ANYTHING TO WEAR. I know, how could have that been the worst out of the three, but usually, putting clothes together comes easy to me, unless I'm exhausted. And Sunday I was.

I literally had to drag myself there, and bemoaned the whole way there, and like debated even going. I felt bad because I've been raised not to waste money but I was like "I gotta go to work tomorrow, I'm tired, my medicine is making me feel weird...bla bla bla" then IN A SEINFIELD LIKE MOMENT, dave found an AMAZING parking spot across the street from Lincoln Hall, so just like that, we couldn't leave. Nope, we had to stay, to sabor the spot. I hadn't eaten that day so we had to walk to the restaurant in my mini dress and creepers, again I was like "FML"

EVEN MORE SO, Mr. George Lewis Jr. himself showed up while I was snapping blog worthy pictures of my outfit (derp), and kinda snuck in the club around me, and I was like..."....WAIT...HOLD ON." I didn't want to be all weird, cause I pretend to be cool, but I knew I would regret not getting a picture snapped, so in my altered state I got one taken with him. ALL OF THEM SUCK (which is why I got creative), blurry or just...blurry...oh well, I tried not to make him feel awkward in my own awkwardness so I just ended up making the situation....awkward {great job!} AU CONTRAIRE, he did compliment my dress to let's up my mood +15 pts at this point of the day. (especially since I was debating if what I wore was the right look)

Anyways, after refueling from a sushi bash, I returned to the concert hall at a better state. Diamond Rings, KILL'D IT YALL, I was surprised, I've seen hipster one act bands, and fell asleep, I like chill waves, but I'm not a senior citizen. He was like dare I say, a nuevo bowie...I super loved it. Then after a brief moment of punching people in the face to get closer to the front, studying hipsters in their hipstuds, and dancing obnoxiously with my peers to Kelis, Twin Shadow came out and gave us a brilliant performance that was reminiscent of the climatic dance scene in Pretty in Pink. Come to think of it, am I the only one who thinks Mr. Lewis kinda looks like Duckie?

Still trying to be cool and still high on prescriptions we decided to go say 'hola' to Sr. Lewis and get his signature. Sadly no one had a sharpie. After a quick moment of awkward conversations and the strangeness of "beer muscles" we finally got a marker and got the CD signed. Might I add that it was weird to say out loud "can you autograph my CD" it sounds sooooo 1992.

Long and short. The concert, BRILLIANT, just like...anything you could have wanted + more, and a great stress relief for me, dancing with your peers as one just feels, so amazing! Diamond Rings, a sweetheart! George Lewis, a mastermind! And next time George I'll be nice and bring my hot comb, so you're not so embarrassed, sound good? ha ha...

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