one year.

On the left FNO sept 2010 vintage dress, UO shoes, On the right FNO sept 2011 (details here)
Have we all developed so much after only one year?

I was looking through my old pictures from last year when I really decided to take this blogging thing seriously, and I found one from FNO. I look at this and say 'wow, this is the same person?' I honestly can't believe it.(I REALLY LOOK LIKE MY MOM, and when did I get 300 shades lighter???) I remember FNO from last year vividly. For one; everyone thought I was a drag queen (lawls) but for two, I was so excited to be out in the city with everyone for the sake of fashion! It was thrilling, I put together one of my best looks, but I still was a bit insecure in unleashing my style.

One year later, I've learned it except myself for what it really is, I'm quirky, a bit strange, my hair is curly! For years I tried to fight it, but this past year I really learned about myself from traveling to Europe, living on my own, and moving to new york for the summer. I grew fast, and I had no clue it would effect my style. I honestly could not predict this midwestern girl would come home from New York so comfortable in her own skin. But I love it, and I'm so happy you are all here to go on this journey with me. ♥

Oh and as for that "big news" I just wanted to say, I LANDED AN AGENT! I really feel like 2011 is the best year of my life! More things to come ~

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