orange you glad?


(i'm wearing: green pencil skirt: vintage, polka shirt: vintage, cardigan: French Connection, shoes: vintage,
purse: vintage)

WHAT AN AMAZING NIGHT! I love how dreamy and simple this look turned out. I mean it's my definition of simple which may not be everyone else's idea of "simple." I realize I do look like a carrot which caused some stares, but if people aren't looking at you, then you aren't doing it right, right? Haha!

I also really pleased how this look capture the last essence of warmth Chicago had in her. I rocked this outfit on one of my last days as a lead costume designer for my University's theatre group. I'm glad thats over! Not that I'm glad to be away from the stage, I'm just happy to have my weekends back.(I'm tres exhausted) I spent these past to weeks breaking out some of what I think are my best coordinates because the weather was so warm and I was inspired by the heartbeat of the theatre! In retrospect I kind of miss it now, especially once the show was over. I got to discover some great little hot spots in Chicago were the party continues! I always felt Chicago died after 5-10pm, but I found this sweet little cafe (with macaroons!) that has a DeLorean DMC-12 IN THE WINDDOW, along with other 80s memorabilia! It's amazing and stays open pretty late. Plus just being out amongst young people is thrilling! Everyone look so nice and carefree! I must say despite contrary belief I am really honored to be living in this generation. I feel like I should break into song, perhaps this one?

Crappy, I mean Happy Monday every1!


  1. Super cute look. Your pictures are so lovely and wonderful. The cafe you visited looks so amazing and quirky: my type of deal.

    I also hail from Chicago where I attend DePaul University. It's so awesome to see another fashion blogger who's from the same area. Don't really know that many! (From what I can tell from this post, you're from the north side)? Definitely following you to keep updated!So glad I discovered you. :]

  2. woman! I am so happy to have found you. I love that photo of you and the cola bottle.

  3. In response to the title of your post, yes, I am glad--glad to have discovered your blog! Love your style, design sense, and all those awesome colorsss :)

  4. ahah you r not born at the riht time too!! We would have been born in the 80's lol I really love your style <3

  5. Hi Bianca, so pleased i discovered another fabulous stylish lady! love your color mix - i will follow you!

    Ariane x

  6. Gah This looks AMAZING. I have similar items in my wardrobe. I may or may not steal/recreate this outfit tomorrow. I live on the ither side of the world though, so it's all good. No one will know, except you and I.


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