duck hunt

(what im wearing: duck hunt sweater- thrifted, red short shorts - UO, hunter boots- mama, mint blouse- LUSH)

Warmer weather is disappearing, november is bringing her chilly tales with her. There has been one last hurrah for Chi-town as this last heat wave dissipates. I'm glad it was here for Halloween, I felt bad for my east coast buddies, BUT I couldn't have been more smug for myself. I think yesterday was the last day I will ever go out bare legged (with nudy tights) from now on, if I'm wearing shorts or skirts, my legs will be covered in leggings and wool tights! I'm nervous about my impending winter looks, but I'm hoping the cold doesn't put me into a fashion SLUMBER.

Anyway, I'm wearing my lucky ducky top, I got back in my "ironic hipster days." I still LOVE IT. It reminds me of one of my most hated childhood games "duck hunt" Its a fun game-- in a disturbing violent way, BUT THAT DARN DOG, UGH, WHO DOESN'T HATE HIM??? I think he's the reason why I love cats! Haha!

This post is dedicated to the 90s kid in all of us! Lets play! sonic game coming out soon..WHAT!! :D


  1. Love your outfit! Those tiny shorts ♥
    & omg, the 80's video game graphics just make all these photos win so much more hahaa~

  2. "new sonic game coming out soon..."

    and apparently it's actually good!

    nice duck boots! I was recently looking at some because of an article I saw on the one's LL Bean sells...They look nice for sloshing around in.

  3. This sweater is awesome-sauce. I mean that in a completely non-ironic way. I definitely need more clothes with animals on them.

  4. Love your images! That sweater is so cute!


  5. love how different your posts are with the different images/characters.. so fun!


  6. Oooh my goodness, I love this post so much! The fact you included the pixel ducks was brilliant :D I don't believe I have ever played duck hunt before, but I kind of want to now!

  7. Holy moly! If I saw you on the street in that sweater I would be tempted to: a.) offer you a million dollars for it b.) attempt to beat you up and steal it! The addition of the dog in the first photo was insanely hilarious!

  8. Love the hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. That's such a fun outfit! I love the added graphics too, just the right touch XD I have memories of Duck Hunt, basically just me and my best friend of the time being too silly about the whole thing haha.

  10. oh my goodness I LOVE THIS. Plus you're so cute! Plus those boots! you rule.

  11. Your duck hunt sweater is badass!

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