new waves november

(im new waving: blouse: vintage, jacket: vintage, pants: vintage, shoes: vintage...ALL VINTAGE AGAIN!! :D)

its official, while the men in my life aren't shaving, I'm taking in this cooler air but chillin out to some new wave music. Both old and new. I think all this 80s stuff I've been listening too has been effecting the way I dress--HARD. But I LOVE the eighties, I mean, what's not to love.

I rocked this look at Honky Tonk BBQ which is one of the yummiest BBQ joints in Chicago. It's in Pilsen (and I ♥ Pilsen) with all my homies! And the place is DECKED OUT. All the cool kids go there too because Pilsen is slowly being gentrified by hipstersssss. PLUS for us veggie heads, there vegetarian options! ITS GOOD! You should go!

I tried some new things with my hair here, but I'm not totally convinced what do you think? Regardless, DONT YOU LOVE THAT SHIRT, a super bass thrift find! I LOOOVE the buttons!

Anyway, super stoked for the weekend! I have NO PLANS, (and I kinda love it because I'm SO POOPED) but I might go see that Elizabeth Olsen film....what's your plans?



  1. I see you pulled out one of your latest finds!!! Loving it honey.

  2. Fantastic threads there, my love - I've got a fairly chilled weekend ahead as well - but then again, I'm usually bumming about with not much on the books!

  3. The buttons on your shirt are so cute! Listening to 80's music right now :D

  4. love the look, the colors look great & vibrant


  5. I'm loving the hair! Thanks for the BBQ rec! XD far, just lunch w/ some friends. ;)

    (Haha...I always bring a lot of undies too!)

  6. Love the pink on pink look. They are exactly the same color! Did you you get them together? Three cheers for lazy weekends.

  7. I DO LOVE THAT SHIRT, hahaa!! ♥♥ The colour looks amazing on you too, bb!
    & yes, what's not to love about the 80's? Who are your favourite bands/singers? ;)

  8. I like what you post.
    i´d apreciate if you have time check out my blog. and share some comments!

  9. Love the trousers and your dedication to vintage. I really want to wear more brights and am slowly getting there with the green jumper I just bought, loving the pink on pink look though. It just makes such a statement.

    The cocktails at the Cosmos bash seemed to get more watered down as the night went on...

  10. Ooh I want to see Marcy May Marlene whatever you call it

    and I've ALWAYS wanted a pink blazer!! Jellizzz

  11. I'm loving this blouse! Those buttons are adorable it's like a charm bracelet blouse... :)

    I'm not totally sold on the hair yet but I can see how fierce it'll be!

  12. bass shirt = WIN!
    I have so much love for the 80's. Gimmie prints and colors all day long. I love that shot of you sitting. I'm tumbling that shiz


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