who were we kidding?


Shoes: black friday deal $5 each @ urban outfitters! haha!
Sweaters: Pendleton & Anne Klein both vintage.
Pendleton look: UO shorts, UO shoes, black wool tights, French connection chambray, and mother's vintage bolo tie.
Anne Klein look: Topshop Shorts, UO shoes, plum tights, vintage hat, and gifted watch

HEY HEY kids! Whose ready to get back into action? I know I missed you all greatly as I assumed my holiday roles. I must tell you thanksgiving dinner was a blast! I think this was the best one yet! It was a intimate time with my family, which I enjoyed and I even got to go to bed early, while the rest of my family went out to get black friday deals at midnight.

I'm a bit more traditional in my black friday madness, what's the point of having it at midnight when you can have it at 4AM where everyone is full on carbs and deranged from sleep deprivations. That's were the REAL FUN begins. That's what me and my friends did anyway. I hit up all the haunts, Urban, Topshop, H&M, American Apparel, hoping to get an AWESOME SAUCE deal. I even drop some money like it ain't no thang, but then once the hysteria was over I was like "Who am I kidding? I don't need all this...stuff...."

I felt myself buying, just to buy, versus items that can accentuate my wardrobe, and said "YES THIS IS SO BIANCA" I was just buying things just to have them, and outside of UO, the sales weren't that miraculous.

SO. I RETURNED EVERYTHING, except gifts and what I actually felt i needed/wanted. And I felt SO MUCH BETTER. Plus, on saturday, I did what I should have done, went THRIFTING and found some AMAZING PIECES. (Yes, the thriftstore is having a holiday sale THROUGH the weekend, everything 50% off!)

I found that original vintage Pendleton sweater $1.45, and that Anne Klein extra soft piece? $5! Plus all those Urban shoes, five bucks each! Yes, I think I did much better, than feeling I needed to buy a bunch of not that great stuff because everyone else was. I thought it would be fun to do a little Sunday Inspo by taking my favorite thrift & black friday finds and imagining some possible looks!

I learned my lesson this year, from now on, I won't believe the hype but I'll follow my heart! ♥


  1. Lately i have had to catch myself from buying ridiculous things because it's "omg such a bargain" or just because i will feel like a thrift trip was "wasted" if didn't get anything. or i will find ALMOST perfect items to fix/upcycle later and then i just end up with an unwearable little pile of clothes at home that i keep telling myself i will fix. i am trying to work on getting more versatile things that will go farther and i have to remind myself that it's okay to leave a store empty handed.

    ugh SHOPPING DRAMA *ANYWAYS* i am glad you took the splurges back, it looks like you found some great pieces, i am super loving your inspo outfits!

  2. wait did you get the urban shoes at urban on sale or thrifting? regardless, great finds (omg the pendelton thing! and the loafers yummmm), and love the looks you made. i avoided retail on black friday, although i did do a little online shopping.. so hard to resist deals!

  3. wow those shoes $5 each! great deal, those outfits look so great together


  4. Haha, great Black Friday story! I agree that you made wise choices...everything you decided to keep is awesome.

  5. OH MY!!!!! You found some amazing things!!!!! $5 UO shoes?!?!?!? YES!!!!!!! I love the outfit ideas and I am excited to see you rock them!!!!! LIKE SUPER EXCITED!!!!

    LOVE this blog and I love you!


  6. I really didn't like half the stores doing midnight instead of typical 4am etc. either. For 1 there were too many damn kids wtf! But seeing how black friday sales were up 25% this year they'll probably stick to it *boo*

    Mmm I love the white thrifted sweater~ it's gorgeous!

  7. This miraculous thing called Black Friday is a mystery to us Aussies - and a good thing too, it seems to be a hyper-violent shop raid!

    I could imagine myself being completely mortified of them!

    Good to see that you've stuck to your guns and bought things you've truly loved!

  8. you got some awesome deals!! O_O

  9. I LOVE EVERYTHING. Especially the boots, the Pendleton sweater, and that lovely vintage hat! Yay for getting rid of buyer's remorse~

  10. DUDE THE SHOES. In the first photo, I love the shoes that are placed in the top of the photo!! So nice.
    I have never gone shopping during black friday before~ I just think it's weird....It's Thanksgiving and people are with their families...then suddenly everyone just goes shopping like mad people hahaha. My cousin is a manager at a Target in LA and I felt so sad when he had to leave our dinner to get ready for the midnight opening. I didn't think that was fair~

  11. you know thrift shops in japan, you can never find things for THAT CHEAP. in fact, i think it costs more than actually buying a new one. so there's no fun in buying used clothes here. i miss america :(

  12. First off, these pictures are gorgeous! I really love how you laid the pieces out ^^ Second, it's incredible you were able to step back from the "BUY EVERYTHING" atmosphere and make rational decisions, I know I wouldn't be able to!

  13. *jaw drops at the prices* Wow! I didn't participate in that craziness at all. Of course I was sleepy too so that didn't help. Haha! XD "Follow your heart"...I like that motto.

  14. Wow, good on your for returning it all and buying vintage! Love your finds too!


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