addiction: menswear

hot pink blazer: vintage
pants: vintage Pendleton
shoes: F21
shirt: LUSH
watch: geneva

I'm sure you were all dying to find out how I took my day look to night, and here it is! It was a simple task of removing the sweater and adding a fancy collar necklace. Perhaps I should've rocked heels but you all know I love a little bit of androgyny (or a lot of.....)

I was pretty stoked on how easy it was to take my look from day to night. I've always been fascinated by Japanese fashion and how they can take classic pieces and expand it for the whole month! I think it inspiring me for a project I'm setting up for the 2012 new year! But I'll explain more of that when it gets closer to the date!

Oh and as for that party I supposedly went to after work.... well i bailed after a few minuets & got sushi instead--because im tres awkward lol! Dont be fooled by this "cool" facade im actually quite a big dork!! Oh you knew....n/m...........

Anyway so glad to have the rest of this week off!!! I'm going to eat my brains out and spend all my money friday morning, cause thats what we do! Lol honestly, I'm looking forward to a home cooked meal, that I'm actually making. My mom just makes THE BEST desserts, my eldest brother makes the turkey cause I don't eat meat. I actually don't mind cooking, I love cooking, its so therapeutic, plus it helps out my mom because one of her biggest shows is the first week in December.

I just wanted to add that I'm truly grateful for such awesome new followers and people who support me to be such a big nerd on my blog , thanks to dave and pat for taking my pics, and thanks to you for your endless support. Oh and thanks for a job amirite???

ok ok, I think I rambled on enough....

give thanks guys! ;)

happy thanksgiving xxoo


  1. You are so freaking adorable, Bianca ♥ So excited to see what your project is for next year too, haha!
    & omg, I SO agree about cooking being therapeutic... Can't wait to get down tomorrow though tonight I'll be up all night baking pies. Gotta love the holidays ♥ Hope you have a Happy Turkey Day!

  2. girl I love your blog! great outfit, I also love menswear :)

    much love,
    Hybrid Hunter

  3. Eat, drink, and be merry Bianca!! You rock fuchsia well. =D

  4. Look at you, you cute little thing! The colours are amazing and you pull it off so well! :)

  5. awesome blog! u have awesome style and im so into japanese style as well! xxo

  6. okay, this look is seriously INCREDIBLE! you work these bright colors so well...not even joking.

  7. love the watch <3
    Follow Back Please
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  8. Oh my gosh I love this. You are fierce. The shoes and so perfect with the hot pink suit and your hair is gorgeous! Ah! You are just fabulous. You have earned yourself a follower! Happy thanksgiving, too! <3

  9. how red! did you know that ladies are more likely to be asked out on dates when they wear red? ;D

  10. I too own those leopard loafers. Amazing blog.

  11. love the pink - and yes, menswear is rather addicting.. whether it be fabulous blazers or their comfy long sleeved polos, i'm hooked :)

  12. Love the way you wear colour with such aplomb, that suit is amazing!

  13. Beautiful outfit,I like the pink. That project sounds really cool!

  14. Love at first site with your style! Ha ha ^^

  15. Great colorfull outfit & you look so pretty!<3


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