holiday warmth


inset blouse: vintage
wool pants: vintage
flats: vintage

i just popped in to say hey! things are getting so busy my way, but one of my favorite indulgences is looking at the lights in the city. Although there isn't much to do here, I love the merchandise mart of Chicago. Fun factoid, did you know the building is so big, it has it own zip code? Cray cray.

I am one for anxiety and I can't believe christmas is nearly through, i'm never ready and then when it's here i never want it to be over! ah well~

Also, thanks for the amazing feedback on the last post. Its wonderful what can generate from a spur of a moment shoot! PLUS I WAS FEATURED IN FEATHER MAGAZINES LOOK OF THE DAY, tres cool!



  1. I saw when you tweeted about the Feather feature, congrats again!! ♡ Too amazing.
    Try to get in some r&r this busy holiday season though!

  2. love the top! cool feature


  3. Cute outfit!

    And I never ever want Christmas to be over too :(

  4. So cool! You must be so happy you were featured. I'm happy for you!

    I know you must get told this ALL THE TIME, but your hair is amazing.


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