reindeer games

pendleton sweater: vintage via mom
corduroy shorts: f21
plum tights: gift
shoes: urban outfitters (blk fri! $5!)

Its nearly christmas! I cannot believe it! As I said yesterday, I'm never ready, I'm always so humbugerious, because of the commercialism of the holiday, then when I finally get in the mood, its swiped away from me! Oh deer!

I got my gifts wrapped up yesterday and put them under the tree, you should have seen my family's faces haha! They could not wait to open them. I love the anticipation, the moments shared. Even if the gifts arent as crazy as a barbie dream house, I'm all about thoughtfulness.

Such as my lovely new sweater, my mom knows that I am OBSESSED with pendleton prints, and she got me this lovely vintage sweater because she randomly gives me things as any mother does. She also got me these tights! I feel rather spoiled. I can't stop wearing either, they are both so comfy , cozy and the perfect winter color scheme.

Oh and its the first day of winter (boo)! And the shortest day of the year, make of the most of it! I think I will by staying inside and drinking cocoa...sounds like a plan ;) ♥


  1. loovee that sweater! your mom has great clothes!


  2. i missed you! idk why your feeds aren't appearing on my dash. thank god for twitter. have a great christmas xoxo!!

  3. You're so beautiful! I love those shuuuuz

  4. Such a great sweater & adorable look altogether! ♥
    I hope you have a Merry Christmas hunnie!

  5. amazing sweater! you are so ahead of the game on presents. well maybe i'm just behind.

  6. Ahhh, your outfit is 100% perfection! (And obviously not because I could see myself wearing it or anything) Looking forward to drinking hot chocolate with a film tonight (:

  7. Amazing getup lady. Way to go with getting your wrapping done!

  8. Lovely outfit again dear, and it's even lovelier because you mother gave you the sweater and tights. it's great she understands your tastes. I don't feel anything close to Christmas spirit this year, I guess is because I am just old now :/

  9. for some reason I can't see any of your photos ;_____; sad lolo
    but I'm sure everything looks amazing, like always haha ~
    I hope you have a Merry Christmas, Bianca ^_____^ You are awesome and I hope you have a good one with your loved ones~

  10. Ah Photobucket appears to have stolen you're pics but luckily I uploaded it to my Tumblr! Love the patterning on this, would love to own some Pendleton one day I bet a lot of the U.S thrift stores have their stuff. Hope you have a great Christmas, I'm yet to wrap my presents but hopefully my family will like what I've got them!

  11. So great you got your pictures back, oh boy, what a scare! That is so sweet of your mom & what awesome taste she has, you look amazing, love it w/ the shorts and tights. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas : )


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