one of my goals while I was on break from school was to get my room together. IT NEEDED IT. I rearranged all my furniture to give it more of that "showroom" appeal. I wanted to make it easier and 'more fun' to get dressed in the morning. I wanted to be inspired by all my clothes and such, and I guess I felt like it would be cool to live in a boutique almost (haha)

Of course I am also surrounded by things that inspire me like my paintings (I did most of those, like the big bunny one) and japanese fashion magazines. I also have funny tchotchkes here and there given to me as gifts from my mother and brothers.

Changes I made: got a new bookshelf just for displaying shoes, got a clothing rack to laying out my favorite "go to" pieces, a bracelet display for my watches. I like a messy order. I don't like perfect order nor do I like insanity. I like that cozy lived in feeling, so let's say my room reflects a vintage boutique!

Thanks for coming over ;)


  1. I should do that. I've been meaning to get rid of a lot of my junk! <3

  2. love the way it looks! definitely has that showroom feel


  3. How wonderful! Its really great to see another aspect of your creativity like this, your room is very nicely organized but whimsical at the same time too! I really like your concept of a "showroom" and using shelves, clothing rack etc to show them off. I may borrow those ideas XD The hard part is my 6ft slanting ceiling makes it hard to have any furniture taller than 3.5ft haha!

  4. Love all these shots! Especially those of all your arm candy, haha ♥

  5. Your room is the cutest! I am dying at that painting haha too great.

  6. I really love this! You did a great job. :)


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