wild thing

velvet dress: vintage ice skater uniform
shoes: urban renewal
leggings: idk
bone necklace: mother
ring: beauty supply (lawls)

boom boom boom bing. this look really made my heart sing. I really felt like I belonged on the flintstones or in the wild. I actually wore this on my recent romantic christmas dinner out, and I was a bit frustrated that I could not snap my look before the sun went down. LUCKILY, I was able to snap this pictures in the perfect local: THE ZOO! Don't I fit right in? It looks like an editorial set! HAHAH!

I actually found this dress in the halloween costume area of the thrift store, but I'm sure it used to be an ice skaters uniform, whichever, its super cute, and ultra velvety. I've been lusting over a velvet mini for years. I had to add my own personal spin to it, so with my new spunky shorter hair I've been playing with Japanese sweet style pig tails. It's a little bit of 80s meets japan which is a wonder combo. The necklace is actually a hand me down from my mom's afro centric days in the early 90s~ fight the power!

So my look is Pebbles meets ice skater meets 80s meets japan meets goth....yeah that sounds about right.

Plus to top things off, Dave whisked me away to my favorite Indian restaurant in chicago! The Standard Indian Restaurant. I LOOOOOOOVE this place, and he even surprised me with sparkling wine. Dave is full of surprises this year! I love that he keeps me guessing ;)


  1. I love the entire look! The necklace and dress work so well together. I have been dreaming of chunky collar necklaces to go with my t-shirts when I'm lazy. I would invest in some velvet but living in Florida, I'd get like 2 weeks of wear and that's it haha. Great post!

    Sarah Jane R.

  2. what a fun date, indian food sounds delicious right about now. love your velvet mini!

  3. LOVE!!
    the backdrop just adds extra 'omph'

    J x

  4. why does everyone but me have a super cute velvet dress?? you get extra points for repurposing an ice skater costume! i never would have guessed it wasn't a cute mini.

  5. love this dress! you look gorgeous


  6. An ice skater uniform that looks like a super rad velvet dress? You rock girl!! (tehehe actually didn't even mean to play off your reference but love how that necklace looks kinda like a collar too! & thanks for your comment, it's been over a year since I was there but figure might as well relive it through pictures, esp since I didn't have my blog then. Where were you in Latin America? I always love hearing. Have a great New Years!!


  7. you have such quirky awesome style...love the look here! it really works because YOU are waaring it

  8. This velvet dress is really flattering and I think its perfect for the holidays! The bib necklace spices it up perfectly. I quite like how you can see the potential in a ice skater uniform in the Halloween section to be awesome XD

  9. Love your style! That's a cute dress!



  10. This look is awesome, and I love the photos! That ice skater dress is such a cool find and perfect for a Christmas dinner!

  11. Halloween costume aisle in a thrift store? Amazing. That is a perfect velvet dress!

  12. 3rd picture down is so cute! What is it?

  13. I love this so much ♥ That necklace is perfection. & omg your hair, so cute! lol


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