max fischer

awesome owl sweater: thrifted
corduroy shorts: f21
loafers: f21
beret: Logan

This was the other look I absolute adored from the Logan shoot. (which I know some of you mentioned you enjoyed as well from the look book) It made me feel rather rambunctious! But it also reminded me of another adored Wes Anderson character Max Fischer. I remember watching rushmore with my best friend (now boyfriend) 7 years ago in my mom living room. Awkwardly touching hands, and being amazed by this ingenue Wes Anderson.

I really feel like the tennis courts really set this outfit off. We actually sneaked into this private location! I'm surprised we didn't get caught, but I suppose if you look important, people leave you alone. And also, BARE LEGS! Jeez I haven't been bared legged in 4 months....and probably not again for another 3. Oh well that's the midwest for ya....


  1. I love it, haha! ♥ I love your little 'sneaking around' shots too.

  2. i want your babies! (and that owl sweater)
    You are an inspiring lady!!!!

  3. You're so cute!! I love that sweater!! And great job sneaking into those private courts for those photos!!

  4. Lovely. That sweater is adorable, and once again your mother kills it in the hat department.
    I love the movie Rushmore. It's one of those films I keep forgetting the name of. So I'll agree to watch it with a friend, or turn it on on Netflix and then remember that not only have I seen it but it is awesome.

  5. OH MY GOD... that sweater... is to die for. Thrift find??!! LUCKY

  6. i love this stream of wes anderson inspired getups.

  7. Here's the haiku I wrote for your hat:

    Your hat is the best.
    A bird is on your hat, which
    Goes with your owl shirt.

  8. Ahh I love this so much! That owl sweater is GENIUS, and I awww'ed out loud at this:

    "I remember watching rushmore with my best friend (now boyfriend) 7 years ago"



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