moonrise kingdom

Blazer: Vintage DKNY
Chambray: French Connection
High waisted Khakis: Bershka
Shoes: F21
Hat: Logan

Tell me this look doesn't scream Wes Anderson to you? I know all of us geeks are tweeking out over his new film. It's like a sigh of relief that one is coming out very soon. With all of our faves, Murray and Schwartzman, and a couple of new kids to keep the Anderson legacy going.

It's hard not to be inspired by Anderson, with his highly detailed sets and wide panning shots. Everything is so saturated and dreamy, it always tugs on your heart strings. But you know who else inspires me? My mother.

This hat, well in fact this shoot was done by my mother, for her Fall 2011 campaign. Now that the online shop is open, and her biggest shows have passed, I can finally show you some of my proudest work. She let me model and be the spokes woman for the 2011 campaign. This particular look was my favorite, and I got to style the whole thing.

My mom had been designing since before I was born. She has been featured on WGN, ABC, The Tribune, Sun Times, and WWD. She has done fashion shows, and has had her work at mega houses like Macy's and Lord & Taylor. More recently she has started a relatively new line called Logan. Which is reminiscent of her childhood. Each hat is made from vintage fabrics, such as coats from the 60s, and leathers from the 80s. And made new so that each hat tells a story of its own. I'm really amazed of what my mom does, and I am happy that I can share it with you all. I convinced her to try etsy, because she normally does wholesale, so we are crossing our fingers that it goes well. We collaborate together (well the whole family does) all the time, it's truly an honor to have such talented parents. Check out the site when you get a chance. Maybe I'll get a coupon code going on her soon so all of you can be extra warm this winter!


  1. Ahhhhhh! I'm so excited for this shop! I've been hearing so much about your mom the designer and now I have the chance to own some of her own handiwork! How awesome is.that? Your outfit is awesome. Love, love, love the blazer. Congratulations on you guys' newest endeavor!

  2. You are a beaut. Chambray + high-waisted khakis = love!

  3. Wow, congratulations to your mum! ♥ So amazing that she's gotten to start her own line! & you make the perfect model, hehe ;) Love this entire look on you ♥

  4. You look so so awesome, I can't get over that adorable hat!!

  5. cool hat! & love your shoes..congrats to your mom! that site looks awesome, love the looks you sported


  6. oh this is so cool! will you marry me? haha

    i checked the etsy shop and the hats are soooo cute! i got my eye on some, but will wait until payday to get one :)

  7. These shots are awesome, I love this look. And your mother's hat looks fantastic on you. She's a really talented lady.

  8. goodness i'm so excited for moonrise kingdom and this getup is certainly wes andersonesque! your mom is so talented those hats are lovely. i adore the hat with the bird on it...the one wear your wearing your owl sweater. cheers

  9. holy moly you look so chic! but in a "i just threw this together to go out for baguettes" kind of way. if that doesn't make sense then just blame it on me being too blown away by this post to form thoughts properly. hats off to your mom's new shop! (oh man, i am so lame!)

  10. love this outfit, your style is amazing.



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