the city of love

Nothing says happy valentines day, quite like the city of love. i just wanted to post my last few favorite photos of this wonderful city. (especially of the street markets, SO MUCH BABAR JE T'AIME BABAR) I hold my breathe in anticipation of visiting Paris soon. I think what really happened was that I was inspired by "le artiste" which i saw last night. AND IT WAS AMAZING (GO SEE IT GO GO GO) So maybe I should leave you here by just saying:

"Happy George Valentin's Day"

oh ho ho ho ♥

(ps. a very happy birthday to one of my best friends hermela! see you in nyc soon bb!)
(pps. dont forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!!!)


  1. Aw quel romantique! Happy Balumtimes day!

  2. I still have to see this!! Love your Paris pics, Bianca. :D

    (Thank you! I am feeling better. And I get what you mean about the Jason Wu thing...)

  3. I WANT TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! did you take those photos btw? soo gorg.
    happy V day <333

  4. Great pictures you found! I'd love to visit Paris someday too, I'm still bitter that I didn't go when in Spain.. would have been so easy.

  5. Gorgeous photos! ♥
    Happy Belated V-Day to you too hunnie!

  6. Happy Valentine's Day! Those books are so pretty *_*

  7. The pictures are beautiful- I wish I was at Paris too :)


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