getting warmer....

(two weeks ago it was all NOT!!)
coat: vintage
gloves: target
muffs: UO
sweater: vintage chanel

I tend to wear this coat so people CAN ACTUALLY FIND ME! haha. One of my fondest vintage finds. I was on my way to an MLK scholarship award ceremony (which I was a recipient) but the snow got so bad, my mom and I just got breakfast and went back home :P

Just to think EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO, chicago had one of the worst winters of all time! But now its all sunny and warm. I do worry that this lack of cold weather is going to throw off the eco systems and ruin the midwest agriculturally, sky rocketing grocery prices, and forming mutated plants and bugs.

but i try not to be consumed about that, and wear skirts....!

Happy Friday...


  1. O_O I just didn't realize HOW mild our winter has been until I saw this :X! We haven't even really gotten a little bit like you guys!

  2. Oh, are food prices being influenced already over there? It seriously is crazy though to think of all the other influences something as seemingly-simple as a mild winter seems. That coat is completely fabulous though- I loove love love it! Congrats on your MLK scholarship too!

  3. This winter has been so strange!! Even for Virginians.

    I think this jacket is the perfect thing to wear on those dark winter snowy days though. People will definitely spot you from a mile away :)

  4. Ahh I love this picture so much! It looks like the very image of winter :D Loveee that coat <3

  5. What a great photo! I miss snow and I dislike the boringness of los angeles weather!!!
    I'm glad you guys are experiencing warmer weather (even though there are consequences...) ~ I'm very exciting that spring is around the's a happy time ^______^

  6. Such a perfect winter photo! I love the brightness of your coat against the stark white bg ♥ Try to stay warm, haha!

  7. i really hate winter
    we had some snow this year
    but nothing like this
    hope it gets warmer soon!

  8. I hate, hate, hate winter....this is probably the reason i packed my things and moved from the Midwest to Texas after school...I just can't deal with the cold. Nah


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