mew lentes

sweater: thrifted vintage
cord shorts: F21
red flats: thrifted vintage
glass acorn: vintage
tights: jcpenny

hat: vintage
glasses: simply fabulous in brown

After much ado, I decided to invest in a new pair of glasses from bonlook. After seeing these bad boys in Erin from Calivintage (back to back shoutouts) I couldn't wait to show them off. They are cuter and sweeter than my last pair, so that's why I decided to simply go the whole nine yards and dress absolutely cute to the "t". And whats not cuter than a kitty in a bow tie...


You all know I love ironic sweaters, but I don't merely just were sweaters for wearing sweaters, I have to hone in the best of the best. I have saved my finds since the 7th grade and still love reworking them today. Though it has been unseasonably warm, it has not stop being a wintery gloom. The gloomier it is the brighter I dress, why let the weather put a damper on your style?

*I am just full of idioms today


  1. Love the new glasses! Your sweater is also the cutest :)

  2. i love the color of your tights! im so boring and can only wear black ones :(

  3. I LOVE that hat on you ♥ The entire look is perfect though.
    & I'm totally with you on wearing brighter clothes when it's gloomy out! It really does improve your mood, haha ♥

  4. So cute. Love the bright red and blue color scheme. Your sweater is so cute and cuddly. Such a great piece to have in your wardrobe. Your photos are fantastic, as well!

  5. The sweater is so cute!!! Love it with those shoes girl :)

  6. Kitty with a bow sweater? That meets all the criteria for cute. Cool styling and the glasses look so good on you.

  7. KITTY SWEATER! Most importantly, I really dig the color choice of tights to go with the shorts, very similar colors but just a little bit off, its perfection my dear!

  8. hahaha, it's such a great sweater - really love your style! it's so unique and special! <3

  9. Are those the J'adore glasses? I totally almost bought those in gold.

  10. Upon seeing this post I was THISCLOSE to emitting a high pitched SQUEE. I seriously can't get over how perfect this entire look is. Please continue to be your perfect self~

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