don't call me a flag

big ole flag sweater: thrift
chambray: french connection
mom jeans: thrift
boots: vintage
glasses: bonlook

I found thing super LARGE american flag sweater in the thrift store recently. I keep wondering who owned this before me? Who was bold enough to rock this loud sweater, proudly? I decided to make it more casual, by pairing it with some mom jeans and a chambray shirt. One thing I adore about this sweater is that is not merely a flag, its strange and pop, with stripes and stars going simply mad! I actually didn't feel like shooting this day because these final projects are making me EXHAUSTED, but somedays I know to do it for you guys and not always for me.

In fact, i really love these pics, rocking my new glasses from bonlook, and the slouchy-ness of the sweater, I feel so americana grunge. The weather has been nothing but beautiful recently too, perfect for quick lunches with dave and homeworkblogging through the night!


  1. OMG gimme!
    you need to send this sweater over to London.

    J x

  2. That sweater is seriously all kinds of amazing ♥ AWESOME find bby!

  3. Lovely sweater! Really like this outfit. So relaxed and unfussy!

  4. Oh shit, that's an awesome sweater! ♥♥♥

  5. Love the sweater- found you via CaliVintage, loved you ever since! I'm also loving the mom jean- never thought I'd say that!! BUT.......... how do you feel about the DAD jean?? I've always worn more boy pants than girl pants, and I'm out here all alone in New Mexico, trying to rock the DAD jean, anybody else out there?

  6. PS- your titles make me giggle.

  7. I love the sweater! It is definitely a bold piece and you rocked it so well. I'm in need of new frames soon and am debating which ones to get. You're are awesome!

    Sarah Jane R.

  8. I've been looking for a jacket like this, where did you buy? I'm from Portugal and ca not find anything like that: c


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