feverishly packing

It's sort of nerve wrecking packing for NYC, I mean....you kind of have this desire that you want everything to be absolutely PERFECT, and un/fortunately the weather has been SPECTACULAR,I actually hate planning what I'm going to wear, I like to see how I feel, but since I want to literally shop till I drop I can't bring a whole bunch of clothes with me. I'm not excited to bust out my summer clothes (curse this winter weight! IM NOT READ FOR YOU SHORT SHORTS...lol) but I can still make it work! haha! I'm going to be all bright and celestial, also want be a be a bit more daring than I am in the Chi. OH IM TOO EXCITED also SUPER EXCITED to see one of my very best friends Hermela, we have a project coming up, but shhhhh its on the d/l!! I'm leaving at the BUTT CRACK of dawn tomorrow, to enjoy a 5 day trip to the Empire State. How NYC, its been much too long ;)

jammin to this whilst I iron TONS OF CLOTHES...might as well dance...


  1. whattt i'm so ecstatic about summer!! i'm tired of layering..too much thinking. sometimes i just want to wear....nothing!

  2. have the funnest of times!!

  3. Have fun in New York! Bring back lots of stories!

  4. have a great trip! you're so lucky that you're so close

  5. The colour and that necklace. DAMN.



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