where harry met sally

shirt: vintage
jeans: vintage
red flats: vintage
belt: thrift
glasses: bonlook
raisin chiffon: need supply

I'm feeling good today, and since I have this wild surplus of time, I DECIDED TO BLOG! I miss it so much, if you follow my twitter I am still shopping still dressing up regardless if I I have time to snap it professionally! Back tracking a little bit to my trip to NYC this spring. I didn't get to do as many outfit snaps I had initially planned (working on a few projects instead) BUT my first day there I was able to run over to Washington Square Park, where I basically spent my whole summer last year. How lucky that we had that freak heat wave? I was able to walk around in nothing more than a tshirt and classic mom jeans. What could be better?

Oh maybe getting a totally delicious sandwich from Brad's on NYU campus, I LOVE IT THERE!


  1. Cute casual outfit! :)
    Will you be in NYC for the summer?!

  2. you have a really good style, I discover your blog right now and I really enjoy it.


  3. I'm glad you were able to make a quick blog post - I've missed you on my news feed! I love this, and as usual the pictures are absolutely P E R F E C T - you look absolutely gorgeous in the fifth one <333


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