cobalt polo: vintage Sonia Rykiel
yellow linen pants: french connection uk
leopard creepers: f21

Is it me or has this spring been ESPECIALLY dreary.....

rainy, cloudy, humid, and misty, but all over just....sad...

bad weather makes me want to travel, unfortunately on my recent trip to NYC, I brought this fugly weather with me. #whenwillitstop! Something about the majesty that is the Brooklyn Bridge makes you forget your troubles anyway. Not only did I do my thesis on Basquait, but I also included a study of bridges of New York City. Something so spectactular & massive, really puts things in perspective. The teamwork, the lives lost, the ingenuity...all of this just so we can cross so few kilometers of water. I mean if it took all of that to make this, why am I complaining about a little bit of rain? At least the trees (and MOSQUITOS!!) are happy...

Taking these pics, people stopped to ask if I was someone "important" lol...I'm important to me! Shopped the rest of the day and got to go to Lokal, one of my FAVORITE Williamsburg haunts...ugh..LOVE THAT PLACE...Stayed warm in this new to me vintage Sonia Rykiel polo, the cobalt is just, whoa! Too warm to wear it now, but this fall, expect it to make a constant appearance, (oh and it has shoulder pads...hello!)

oh and I HAD to incorporate that picture of that cute girl looking at me! at this point I feel that if I'm not getting stared at, I'm NOT doing it right ♥


  1. "Are you important?"
    "Ummm yes, I have a BLOG on the INTERNET, duh."

    Also you look amazing

  2. I love (love love love) the look- yellow and blue are two of my favourites!
    And yeah, seriously- they didn't know you were? Pff.

  3. I love this outfit - the colors are perfect together!

    xo Jennifer


  4. "are you important"? bwahahaha, nope I'm just a nobody flea....jeez

  5. Love the photos! I admire your courage to take your photos in "public". Do you use a tripod?


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