Let's ketchup

polka dot dress: vintage
yellow silk blazer: mother's closet
red flats: vintage
round specs: the alley
red lips: cover girl queen
azteca watch: from dave

FINALLY GOT MY PICTURES JALL WOOT WOOT! Time to update my blog like theres no tomorrow. Mind you I got all my shoots at 3am last night, and somehow I woke up today at 9? Must be that I'm young.

Anyway...such beautiful weather we've been having. I want to wear nothing but summer dresses, flats, and spin around until I fall on the ground. I wore this ensemble to my senior show earlier this month. And it reminded me that even though the weather can be beautiful it can still be...bipolar. By the time I got to the gallery it had dropped LITERALLY 15 degrees, leaving my legs to shiver all night. I bought a pair of tights from walgreens for 58cents, but they were so cheap I think I got cuts from the nylon. Lol, oh well...

These pictures are so fun and carefree for me, especially since I knew that the next day I would be graduating, and I would NEVER HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL AGAIN. And I literally mean, having to go back to that campus...I hope to never see the west loop again....

Funny story, I took these pictures by my house during a 15 min interval of getting Chinese with Dave and my mom. We ordered, we ran outside, we took pics, we came back in and ate! Plus, my fortune told me to live more adventurously....so lets say I've been trying to do that ever since...

cheers to adventures, cheers to three day weekends!


  1. I love your style!

  2. Beautiful blazer!

  3. these are ace! something about the outfit and the setting really makes me think of disneyland? xx

  4. I have so much respect for anyone who can pull off a very Ronald McDonaldesque outfit and still look utterly gorgeous! You're like his beautiful, stylish half sister. Love that blazer, I bet you feel so happy whenever you put this on!

    -lAURA xx

  5. I just found your blog and instantly added it to my read list. Great style, photos, words. :]

    North Country Girl


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