cabin fever

sailor dress: vintage
hat: gifted vintage
shoes: thrifted vintage

I know you're not supposed to update your blog laden with "sorries" for not updating, but I truly am sorry...I haven't been able to update because Dave has all my pictures and its taken some days for me to shake him up to get them....he's been really busy with work lately soo..with each passing day I have no photos to update my blog with...and I don't want to give you guys...fluff...

luckily I forgot about this number I has stored from earlier this spring when we had that freak heat wave in  like feburary. I was able to shake off my cabin fever and go frolick in the woods. I even got a tan! No of my make up matched, henceforth I stayed out of the sun until recently, makeup is too expensive to have to change it all in FEBS! Today is another day I want to go frolick in the sun! I asked dave out for lunch but I got shut down :(   {hes busy :P} Who wants to have lunch with me :')!!?

PS does anybody know a good foundation that blends WELL and is good for sensitive skin, I'm using Clinique Even Better, but its kind of streaky...(no good)


  1. I'm a sucker for stripes (especially blue nautical ones!) so I absolutely adore that dress!

  2. i just discovered your blog and i laaav it, am like stalking through all your photos now. brilliant hat! xx

  3. ah such a pretty dress! I love everything slightly sailor related ^^


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