well made, madewell

nude coat: vintage
pendleton scarf: vintage
birdie necklace: gift
red chiffon: got in nyc
meow sweater: thrift
high waisted khakis: american apparel
snack sox: target
boots: vintage

Can you believe that just days ago, all of Chicago was wearing scarves and coats...IN LATE SPRING...seriously this bipolar weather has me as confused as everyone is about this whole NATO situation that has turned this once lovely Madewell Denim Roadtrip location into a protesting station. I guess I'm not that active to understand why people are protesting other than they can't go see the dolphin show at Shedd Aquarium this weekend...but I would like to remember this day as participating in one of my favorite stores of all time.

Being a Chicagoan I feel like the only times I got to see Madewell was on my trips to NYC, so this Denim Roadtrip brought Madewell to me! It was soooo much fun, with vintage camera, a braid bar, free sunglasses galore! I loved it all, I even got to meet Jag Lever's Rachel-Marie, she is soo tiny and cute! Plus I got styled by the lovely Jo of the Madewell in Old Orchard (who knew there was a Madewell so close!!) We're even in cahoots of planning something very special for you guys! But shhhh it's a secret.

When not rocking the bf-jeans Jo let me borrow, I adorned my favorite cat sweater, that everyone loved! I was feeling very kitty like after recent posts by Calivintage and Steffy's Pros and Cons....I just wanted to be like the cool kids and rock out with my cat out. I felt so cheeky and fun, the perfect feeling that goes along with the spirit that embodies Madewell, I wish there was more fun stuff happening this weekend than police raids....but oh well. Maybe Batman will show up #fingerscrossed.....


  1. abrabr <3 I ADORE all your coordinates! <3 (you may have realised tho, I have posted them on my coordinates tumblr (http://iwantthatdress.tumblr.com/) more than once uhuhu /stalker off )

    And I think the weather's been crazy everywhere. It was all sunny and shinny here for a week, after being coooolllldddd for a long while after winter was over, and now the forecast says it's going to be cold COLD again orz IWANTOGOTOTHEBEACHDAMMIT

    Anyways, much <3

  2. Love it! Especially the groovy ass socks.


  3. That kitty sweater and those boots!!
    Can't wait to see what that special something is :)

  4. I'm super envious of your cat sweater and bird necklace! I love anything those prints on it. It looks like you guys had fun! Hopefully it will warm up for you up there! St. Louis is having weird weather, too!


  5. i got hot heart looking at that sweater, so awesome I get the oh my god so awesome flutters!

  6. very cool outfit :)


  7. you so completely rad!!! i can't wrap my brain around it!! EVERYTHING, from the meow sweater to the cute socks is just so perfect and your styling is A+. glad to find another blogger here in chicago that is inspiring.


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