blazer: vintage
silk blouse: vintage
linen shorts: american apparel
tights: worthington
shoes: f21
bag: UO

A little niche of town I like to spend some quality time is the land between lakeview and lincoln park. I know, I know, I'm a big ole hipster and its bizarre to see me anywhere beyond logan square or wicker park, but I lived in lakeview for a while and I seriously adore clark & broadway.

Since the weather has been so freakish I have been mixing and matching summer favorites with fall essentials. I got these green tights in hopes that they are not to lepurachan but I am on fence about the whole thing. I just got a cotton blazer that is more cropped and a cousin to this one whilst thrifting last night, and I must admit I am pretty stoked. Top it off with a classic silk blouse and I am good to go! I'm still loving these linen shorts despite their wrinkly nature. But at 15 bucks a pop at the American Apparel outlet versus like 50...I'm no one to complain!

The food in this part of town, I am crazy about, they just opened a new pizza shop, got rid of golden apple for this hip new place (any body been yet?) have yummy froyo at berry moon, and delicious korean-mex at del-seoul! Plus with vinyl shops, crossroads, and landmark theatres, I'm entertained the whole night through! Oh lincoln-view how I love you!


  1. are you eating Pho?!?!!? if you are am i fatty for knowing that?


  2. Lookin' good hot stuff. Your blazer is so *sigh of desire* but your look as a whole is definitely on point! Photos are looking ace as well!

    PS: WHERE is the AA outlet store you speak of?!!!! I've been searching for one to no avail because I can't afford anything at the regular retail store as well!

  3. You have quite the collection of blazers. I love this one. Yes, the weather has been on again off again here too! I like the idea of wear tights with shorts. My mom recently gifted me a pair of olive tights and I have yet to style them. You pulled it off lady.

  4. oh i love the sauce picture! & that blazer is perfect too, fun to see some fallish colors around & always great layers!


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