Every once and a while I get asked to have my photo taken by some AWESOME street photographer that has managed to make me look halfway decent on days that I halfway

When I was living in NYC I got snapped a few times, but I somehow forgot to get their information so those images are lost FOREVER. Luckily two of my favorite local street photographers snapped me as well, and of course I was more than familiar with their sites! I never realize how intense it was to get the perfect shot, I usually assumed it was one and then your done, but I think me and Emma from Tresawesome took like 100 photos in 97 degree weather last weekend--but it was worth it! She also made me smile...SO SOAK IT UP PEEPLES, I'm back to my frowny face starting next week...haha. My other photo is from me at the TopShop Event held by no one other than Emma and Amy Creyer of Chicago Street Style. The photo was taken by the adorable Luis Torres of ChicOverload, who like me last year is spending his summer in NYC ((so jealous))

It's so interesting to see others perspective of me. I almost feel like I look like a totally different person! But I think I feel that way about all photos of me....


  1. I loooove that contrasty shirt! You are lovely, mademoiselle!

  2. You have a beautiful smile! :D Congrats on getting featured!!

  3. Congrats! You totally should be street snapped all the time! I love the photos! I feel the same too when I look at my photos, I wonder who that person is haha.

  4. Hey there! LOVING your style! Oh and your hair :) Great dress! Perfect shoes in the first shot and LOVE the neon in the second!


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