play dates

jumpsuit: vintage 
loafers: f21
necklaces: from my ethnic days in 7th grade!
glasses: target

I will admit I got a little lost these past couple of days. Want to know why? 4 day weekend. I won't specify which, but I work for a production company that when we go to press we get the following Monday and Tuesday off. So not only did I have that strange day off for  the 4th...(it was like a sick day, honestly...) but I got to come back to work for two more days and then kick it for 4 days off.

Want to know what I did....NOT MUCH, and that was the plan all along! I chilled at the beach and jumped in the waves (yes Lake Michigan has wavvvvvves) Ate yummy homemade foods, got dinner with friends, watch hours of The Hour (my new BBC addiction!) and just enjoyed life! It felt so good to not do anything, but stay indoors (mostly) the heat wave was too killer to go out. Coming back to work on Wednesday this week wasn't too bad! I felt re-engerized, refreshed, and ready to start a new production cycle , POW POW! But I am always TGIF-ing, I'm ready to soak of that sun this weekend at Pitchfork Music Fest!

and by sun I mean thunderstorms! c'est la vie! I'm totally channeling the 90s non-stop recently. Just nothing but the 90s! (oh I'm saving that for a blog title later!) I feel as though I'm becoming too people, a preppy artsy androgyny at work, then 90s playsuits mixed with 80s new wave and 70s boho. Ah I can't pick a style! All I know is that I like to look weird and play in the sun! I'm really pushing myself to have complete looks, head to toe people, head to toe!

BY THE WAY, if you want more AVANT BLARGH awesome-ness check out the guest post I did for Ms. Julia!



  1. Aw, this is a really cool playsuit. It has a vest attached? Your job sounds kind of amazing. Kudos. I'm so jelly that you're going to Pitchfork. This year is like my fourth attempt at going but I never have the money to pay for the ticket. Boo. Have fun though!

  2. awesome jumpsuit!
    I'm about to be unemployed for a time, I'm looking forward to stockpiling sleep ;)

    <3 Meghan

  3. Love the accessories with the play suit.

  4. You have what it takes to make this blog a success!

  5. I really love the 70's vibe of this look! Great Jumpsuit! LOve the sunnies! and your hair can't be any more cooler! <3

  6. Love the 70's vibe of this look, the jumpsuit is great and I love the sunnies! <3

  7. love the play suit and fun accessories those glasses are so you!

    p.s. i'm visiting chicago for two nights. any suggestions on places to check out thrift shops, food etc


  8. I see a good person doing a good job!


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