soy loca por ti

top & shoes: vintage 
shorts & belt: topshop 
cat totebag: paul and joe 
lentes: target 

I can't afford to travel across the world at the moment. So what's the next best thing? Discovering new parts of your own town. Chicago always has these little bits of Mexico that take me back there. Though on the other hand it does feel like MX on these unrelenting summer days. I recently just discovered this gem of a building across the street from Taqueria Traspasada. When I'm chowing down on tacos and sipping on Topo Chico (sparkling water) I like to stare out the window and imagine a world where this place was a popular spot for all the big hair and cat eye wearing Prima Donnas in the late 60s early 70s. I fantasize about everyone being serenaded by Elizabeth as she sings "Soy Loca Por Ti" while young couples dance cheek to cheek. I wonder what happened to this place, it's so big a grand....Its sad to see such a beautiful building go to waste, but I also find myself attracted to the hollowness of this dead building. It really is beautiful. As for me, you can see that I'm still channeling the 90s, and though I'm not cray about midriffs (I'm also not cray for the word "cray") I think they can still be playful, when it's just a taste and not a three course meal ;(


  1. I love old buildings, too, I bet there's so much cool junk in there! I love your shorts <3

    the flight of fancy

  2. that building must have been something else in its heyday! there seems to be a renewed interest in abandoned buildings these days. my family is from detroit, and people have started coming from all over the world to take pics of ruined/abandoned buildings there. on the one hand, it's nice to see them valued again, but on the other hand, it's kind of weird. no one is saving them; just photographing the decay.
    on a lighter note, i love your shirt!

  3. This is fab. Love that top.

  4. I did think you were in Mexico or some other Latin American country! Looks like a fun place to walk around.
    Love the shorts and shoes :)

  5. So..I just found your blog through your interview on La Belle Oiselle and I just have to let you know your style is fantastic. I really love this summer outfit. The high waisted shrots and tied-up top look awesome together. This place is such a neat area to take pictures in too.


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