pitchfork's moonbeam

bustier: UO
pants: vintage
headband: made by me :)
sunglasses: the alley

 talk about chillwavvves, I made it out to Pitchfork this past sunday and soaked up all the sun I could possibly handle. I certainly lucked out because out of this three day festival, sunday was the only one where it didn't rain. It was still a little muddy, but I didn't mind. I made this headband and accessed my inner festival girl. Somewhere between grunge and hippie. I emailed my mom some picks and she said she should have named me "moonbeam" LAWLS. Overall, I did receive a lot of positive feedback from this look, but I did miss looking like my elaine self. (haha! )But its fun to dress up sometimes and step out your comfort zone!

 I got to see all my favorite bands! Beach House. Vampire Weekend, Real Estate. Tanlines....I wish I went on Saturday to see Grimes, Youth Lagoon, Sleigh Bells, and Cults. I felt really positive about this lineup this year, I knew most of the bands!!! (hipster alert) That almost NVR happens! Beach House was all around GUHHH AMAZING, and Victoria LeGrand is my french sister from another monsieur...they opened with Crockette's Theme, which I have not been able to stop listening too, even dusted out my old Pure Moods album, TIME TO GET DOWNNNNNN

Gosh, it was was such a WUNDERFULL weekend, I even had this long thought out conversation with Tanline's drummer Jesse after his set...dream come tru ppls. Speaking of dreams, it's my 200 post ya'll...thanks for joining me for this wild ride! I don't even have a license :P

Eric from Tanlines (credit) Victoria from Beach House (credit)


  1. Vampire Weekend! Woo! Looks like a great time!

  2. floral crown looks damm good w/your fro.

    J x

  3. I second Jen's comment about the flower headband. Again, I'm so jelly that you were able to go to Pitchfork. It looks like you had loads of fun. Speaking of fun, I'm loving those trousers. The print is awesome and they look so gosh darn comfy!

  4. YOUR HAIR (and crown)!! Ah, I love it :)
    I love Vampire Weekend- they're one of the few bands I say they're fun to listen to.

  5. Your hair crown is so cool! The festival sounded amazing, wish I could've gone!

  6. oh my goddd, i remember that commercial! :p

  7. Lurve that headband! Glad you had a WUNDERFULL time :D

  8. aw dang, so jealous that you got to go to pitchfork! katie and i live in st. louis, but we've driven to chicago before just to see cults. they played at a bar (can't remember which one) and walked right past us to get to the stage. i had the creepiest fangirl moment where i thought to myself "i could totally swipe her scarf right now". luckily, i resisted the urge. :O) also, elaine benes as style inspiration? you are my hero.

  9. The festival looks great and you are wearing the perfect festival look! You look brilliant! Love the sunnies and flower crown :)

  10. I think my eyes are playing tricks on me because it looks like you dyed your hair... LOVE it. It might just be the sun but what eves, I'm down with it. The ensemble psychedelic awesomeness. Let's call it sunshine envy.

    Love from Jo'burg

  11. My absolute favorite! You are my shero!


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