Bad Hair Days SOLVED *sponsored*

I'll admit it, I think almost everyone woman does it every once and a while. You may not know it, but we all thought about it. What am I talking about? I'm talking about wearing a WIG! And with wigsu you're bad hair day problems are solved. Sometimes there's controversy around wearing a wig, if it's about denying who you really are, or if it's about being ashamed of your natural hair texture. Truth be told wigs can be fun! They can give you a chance to experiment with hairstyle you may have been too afraid to try. Or they can give you the chance to be someone new for a night! For me I worry about dry hair, especially as winter approaches I worry about the heaters and blow drying and a constant state of bad dry hair. Wigs can be great for protective styling and with Wigsu I don't have to worry! Plus you don't have to worry about your edges being pulled back with style such as boxed braids that can often pull your hair out. (oh no!) I can just pick out the hairstyle I want (which right now they are offering 20% OFF!) And TADA, bad hair days are over!!  Personally I like wearing a style that matches my own look! There's nothing wrong with trying out that curl pattern of your dreams, even though I do love my hair. But some days I want to live out my dream of being a pixie!! I couldn't dare chop off all of my hair! People would be so upset (including myself) so instead I wear a wig! Giving me a chance to live out my manic pixie dreams without the commitment. Protect that hair and get the look from Wigsu! And be whoever you want to be! Don't forget to wear a protective wig cap and keep those edges looking great!

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