back to basics

vintage sweater c/o: House of Maryanne
high waisted pants: american apparel 
locket: high school 
graduation gift loafers: f21 
glasses: target 

Back to school, back to basics. House of Maryanne sent me this school house rockin vintage sweater that is such a perfect match between gamine and grandma that I can see myself wearing it all fall and winter through. I have suddenly become obsessed with classic pieces that you can mix and match with everything. And that are so undeniably comfy. This sweater is a little oversized but still super cozy. I can't wait to wear it more often as it cools down.

Over labor day weekend I watched kids somber around town with an air of sadness that summer was officially through. But being the big nerd that I am when getting dressed I was inspired by a classic collegiate look. I did have to wear a uniform until high school, so I think I'll always be sartorial inclined. Even though my school days are long gone, who says you shouldn't treat yourself to a few new pieces for back to fabulous weather? I love fall so much, I loved getting new art supplies from crayons to acrylics. Plus of course, new shoes! But my favorite thing about fall besides pumpkin spiced lattes and pumpkin bread, halloween, and bright colored leaves, is that its also my birthday! haha! On Sept 6 I will be a quarter of a century years old, or in other terms, I'll be 25 babes! House of Maryanne was so sweet to send me this early birthday gift and to collaborate on something else oh so cool that i will reveal tomorrow!


  1. Um, love. love. love. This is such a rad outfit and it is so you. I would love to have those trousers you're wearing. They look like a great fit. You're lucky you're out of school and a working girl and such!! I'm starting my final year (of undergrad since I was recently accepted into a Masters program a month ago) tomorrow.

  2. You look so cool and comfortable!

  3. Such a cute sweater! I love how you've styled it.

  4. Ah, that looks like the comfiest sweater.
    I want to wear all that right now! :) It's perfect for the fall transition. And.. Happy Birthday!!!
    I joined the same club (quarter of a century) a couple of days ago. Phew! ;)

  5. HAPPY Birthday! This is such a sweet yet tomboyish look on you.


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