all the colors make grey

glasses: Firmoo
turtle neck: f21
sweater/socks: h&m
coat/pants/belt/shoes: vintage

New hair cut, new glasses, new year! For days I sat by my door waiting for Firmoo to send me these glasses, and ALAS they have arrived! Eccentric yet fashionable, just like me. When I slipped these on and placed them on the bridge of my nose, I wanted to mutter with the same banter of Diane Keaton. Oh how I love them!

Firmoo was kind enough to send me a free pair of these guys, which go with everything, and make all your outfits just a little more strange, and to all my lovely readers they will send you a free pair as well (if its your first order with them), all you have to do is pay shipping. I really like these glasses, I love that they are big and round, but also have a fragile elegance. I like and dislike that they are clear, sure now you can see my big browns, but I do like being a glasses girl. Plus I do wish Firmoo had program like Bonlook with give a pair donate a pair. But alas, with warehouse prices you can donate your own glasses. I mean do you really still need those glasses from 3rd grade? Let them goooo...

I wanted my outfit to feel as eccentric as my lenses. Versus going pattern wild, I wanted to go classic and grey. I've been falling in love this grey recently, and I just want to wear it all day every day. Maybe because its going to be grey until April. Who knows really, its such a fun classic like oatmeal. It just fills you up and sticks to your bones. Like the air on an cloudy day.


  1. Love your outfit, and your new glasses!

  2. I swear, one of these days im going to a Bianca inspired outfit post. I found myself putting on a turtleneck and a sweater just the other day!

  3. You look so Irish in that jumper. I feel so proud!

  4. Oh my gosh, this has to be favorite outfit of yours! Love the neutral color palette. The vintage coat and the sweater have to be my favorite pieces of the look - as well as your glasses, I may add! They fit your style to a "T"!

  5. These photos are beautiful - you always look so stunning xo

  6. Ooh, the ribbed detail in your sweater is seriously gorgeous! <3

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  7. Happy new year Bianca ! Once and again this outfit is great !!

  8. I did the Firmoo thing and ordered the SAME glasses cuz they were clearly the only option (duh we picked the same one!) I'm a horrible person and never did a review because one size seemed kinda too small for my face and the bigger size was a little too big but they look awesome on you. Keep on repping Diane Keaton forever.


  9. I don't know how you do it, but you make simple classy outfits look so sexy! Maybe it's because you're so beautiful, i don't know. What an inspiration!


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