Norwegian Woods

vintage duck sweater: boyfriend's
blouse: middle school uniform
skirt: vintage Christian Dior
shoes: vintage

When I was younger I used to be real bookish. Oh yes, I was in to everything from horror, to American girl. I loved the classics, I loved a good teen drama. I read and I read, then my parents got the internet and reading has become less important than it was when I was a child. I did still read but it was mostly for school, never really for pleasure. Now I'm really getting back into reading for the sheer enjoyment of it all.

I just finish Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, and I loved. It was a sad piece, but I like sad stories (why I read so much Chris Ware..) I feel like reading sad stories helps you reflect on how messed up your life really isn't.

Inspired by being bookish I threw on this outfit and wondered through the woods by my house. Illinois loves a good park and/or forest preserve and though we are not thick wooded like Scandinavia, I like to pretend I'm some farmers daughter in the middle of France or Germany. Left to read and play with no real worries in the world. Satisfied by the simplicities of love, good food, and family warmth. I want to continue to remind myself of the simple pleasures of your own imagination than to constantly be worried about what's going to happen. Anxieties try to be my best friend, but I do not welcome them. I rather try to be happy and wrap myself into a good book.

Alas, speaking of anxieties, thanks for all your votes! I need more in order to stay on top. I know it "appears" that I'm winning, but if people stop voting for me and think "all is good" he'll eventually past me up 'cause he votes NON please share the wealth! Vote everyday until feb 12th! VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

To peaceful thinking!


  1. I absolutely love your glasses - you look beauts xo

  2. That sweater is awesome and I really love the first photograph


  3. Ahaha, that top photo is so freaky cool - I love it! Top marks for the outfit too. I was also a very bookish child/teen and have recently started to immerse myself in some great reads - about to pick up 'Those Without Shadows' by Francoise Sagan. Please let us know your book recommendations!

  4. Hey just found you through the Lucky feature on bloggers. Congrats and love the blog. I dig those shoes you're wearing in this post too. Just wondering if they're also comfortable.

  5. Love your outfit, and what a pretty blog. Love this! Sending love from New York City, hope you are well. Please follow me! & like me on Facebook! If you have bloglovin, we should follow each other!

  6. I adore everything about this outfit. Those shoes are to die for, and you hair is amazing.


    That is the same reason why I read/watch sad movies. It's important because it makes you appreciate the good things in life~ I loved the book too (i have the same copy with that cover yayy)~

  8. I can't believe I have only just discovered your blog, love your style darling and your fabulous hair! You look amazing!

    Eda ♥

  9. You have a new follower! I love your outfit and your hair is so fabulous!


  10. holy crap I love this outfit so much. that sweater! ahh! and those shoes are the beeeeest!


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