Dusen Dusen Fall 2013

 photo dd10_zps5c19394a.jpg photo dd4_zps955c35be.jpg photo dd3_zps9e69fdf9.jpg photo dd2_zps33590766.jpg photo dd8_zps5a570066.jpg
So I went to fashion week, and then feel off the face of the earth! I hardly had the chance to tell you how great of a time I had! By far one of my favorite shows had to be Dusen Dusen Fall RTW 2013. I mean everything about this collection was so right! The exploration of blues, the denim, the creepers. Ugh I loved it all. I need to get my hands on that denim two piece. Plus the cat eyed models were way cute--and totally approachable. I chatted with a few of them, they were all so sweet! I think Dusen Dusen is easily becoming one of my favorite lines.

 photo dd1_zps33034339.jpg photo dd11_zps4d1b505a.jpg photo dd9_zps59dfe189.jpg (erin from calivintage) photo dd6_zps4f592fe0.jpg photo dd7_zps8bc5563e.jpg

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  1. these are so fun and pretty!
    I'm inspired to thrift a little more, and do some more mix & matching.

  2. I LOVE Dusen Dusen, and what's more, it's so you!

  3. how does dusen dusen get better every season? i keep thinking that she has made the most perfect collection ever and then she outdoes herself!


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