heart to heart

 photo heart1_zps9862ae06.jpg photo heart5_zps574578ec.jpg photo heart2_zps9dd71367.jpg
70s heart sweater: vintage
high waisted wool trousers: vintage
ralph lauren polo: vintage
loafers: bass

In a warm breeze spring came. But it was just for a moment. It rained all day Sunday, melting most of the piled up snow here in Chicago. I was glad to see it go, I think I'm officially "over it." I did pray for snow days in 3rd grade, not because I didn't like school, but I wasn't fond of bullies. Plus it gave me an excuse to stay in and read. But nowadays, the snow just drains me, I think I'll be moving to warmer lands before too long. I'm not necessarily a fan of global warming, so instead of wishing my regional weather would change, I'll just move my region, haha!

Regardless, I'm always a fan of sweater weather! Don't you love this 70s heart sweater? I've had it since high school but I heart-ly wear it (pun alert) Plus I'm also in this new polo wearing phase. And with my new health kick my clothes are fitting much better! And so are my energy levels! I'm literally running around all day without feeling tired. Who knew if you just ate drank your veggies you would feel so, refreshed?

Guess even our bodies, need some spring cleaning. And speaking of spring, IS IT HERE YET?

 photo heart4_zps29bdb1d4.jpg photo heart3_zpse7e4a01a.jpg photo heart7_zps3be64bfa.jpg photo heart6_zps62b23e3e.jpg
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  1. How do you make pants like that look so good?! I love your style. That heart sweater is a dream! I've been really trying to eat healthier too-it's a lot of prep work though! haha

  2. those pants are so flattering and i love that sweater! you have the cutest style :)

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  3. Your poses and sweater are amazing!


  4. love the outfit. your style is amazing. feel free to check out my blog: alizarayne.blogspot.com

  5. Cute sweater!
    I dread snow now because it makes it more difficult to drive to work...but I still think it's pretty.

  6. that sweater is the bee's knees!

  7. The high waist trousers look perfect on you :)

    Dress To Cook Blog

  8. love your blog & your style! you're so cute! *follow*

  9. Love a little sweater that's just a weeeee too tight. My interwebs connection has been on the fritz lately—it's nice to finally catch up on your posts! Keep it up!

  10. Loooooovely! <3 You have to do an extravagant Valentine's look with it next year!


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