wind blown

 photo windy2_zpsc9b155ed.jpg photo windy6_zpsf659ee19.jpgblazer: f21
demin shirt & cords: old navy
shoes, belt, scarf: vintage

They don't call it the windy city for nothing. It's only when you have to bike in this, does it make it unenjoyable. I remember when I used to religiously press out my hair, I would HATE our natural wind because I would worry about my hair getting messed up.

Nowadays, the messier the better right!?

Took these bad boys outside my local theatre that does 5 dollar monday movies (aw yeah!) Saw G.I. Joe because I'm a dork and wanted to see something were I could turn my brain off. But I also just saw Evil Dead, and The Place Beyond the Pines, I liked TPBP, it was a new style of story telling which I found interesting. Evil Dead wasn't even scary and I'm a fan for the original! Oh well, see any good movies recently?

 photo windy4_zps6a640b0f.jpg photo windy5_zpsef2d0691.jpg photo windy7_zps5b405f97.jpg


  1. You look amazing - I am SO in love with your hair! I love the denim shirt too, it's a perfect shade xo

  2. You always have the most bee-yoo-tee-full lighting in your photos...!

    (and clothes, bien sur).

  3. amazing as usual! xx

  4. The wind is totally working for you.
    I'd quite like to see The Place Beyond the Pines!

    Rosie x

  5. I love how you took the photo of your shoes! It looks really unique and looks like you are walking on a wall. Loving the whole entire outfit.


  6. omg! i'm in love with this blog. so sweet! i'm follow you now, please see my blog and if you like follow me back?

  7. oh hot damn you always have the best shoes.


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