j'aime STRIPES

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Ever since I was a kid, I've been OBSESSED with stripes. Albeit via Punky Brewester crazy mixed pattern style, to now a more relaxed nautical feel. I gots to say, I love me some stripes. I think is such a classic staple piece that never goes out of style. I'm slowly collecting a load of stripey shirts that will hopefully last me for years to come. One thing about being a professional artisit? You learn to invest more on staple pieces, I can't be dropping dollars at forever 21 for "coachella" wear when it will be out of style tomorrow. Plus maybe I'm just getting more boring with age. (but let's just say more accepting of my French heritage, no?)

Whatever the case, I think it will always be true, I LOVE STRIPES. Thought I share some inspiring posts of future summer looks. I mean whats more gamine + grandma than a naut-y stripe shirt?

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note: there's was a really sweet girl who told me they liked my blog at urban today on rush st! I'm so sorry if I seemed rude I was on the phone (with my mom no less) and didn't realize what you said until I left the store. THANK YOU! I really appreciate it :D (btw your outfit was totally bangin!)


  1. I love this - the third photo is my favourite xo

  2. This post came at such a perfect time! I have been OBSESSED lately with trying to find a nice french sailor-style black and white shirt, and this has given me even more inspiration! I just finished watching À bout de souffle, and I love Jean Seberg's striped shirt moment. And I have a similar haircut to her so obviously if I get a shirt like that I will be becoming a gorgeous, french speaking muse, right? (also I love that Susan Sarandon pic- what a babe!)

  3. i have a love and hate relationship with stripes. i go through phases where i love them and then suddenly they make me look fat and i stop.

    i bought a stripe maxi dress last spring that is stuffed somewhere in my closet-- maybe something i should bring out again when it gets hotter?


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