The boyfriend

 photo pants1_zps404f2c0a.jpg photo pants3_zpsa27d4faa.jpg photo pants2_zps74ac0bbf.jpg
Jeans: vintage
Plaid shirt: brothers
Booties: vintage
Blazer: f21
belt: madewell

To be honest, I don't know what's going on with this weather. Yesterday it was 42, today 78, not really sure what to do except plant some Prozac trees, because this weather has been bipolar.

I guess that's why they say Chicago only has two seasons. Which is sad because I like to pretend to dress springy if the weather would release me from the death grip of my winter coat. Regardless I decided to give these jeans another try. They used to fit super snug, but with my new diet of clean eating they more recently fit like a boyfriend jean. Which makes me happy! I always wanted a pair of boyfriends, without looking like I'm wearing JNCOs.

So what do you think, are the JNCO-esque? Gosh I hope not.

Ps have you seen Lady Moriarty's new post? Inspired by me? Impossible! She's my inspiration!

 photo pants4_zps90da0587.jpg photo pants7_zps6eeae37e.jpg photo pants6_zps430e333e.jpg photo pants5_zpsc71c5118.jpg


  1. Love this look. Great boots.

  2. You and Lady Moriarty are possibly my two favourite style bloggers so this makes me very happy indeed!

  3. You look incredible. We're slipping toward winter here so I understand your woes.This look is really great as is your hair. I love your hair.

  4. every time you wear those shoes. I die. I diiiieeeee. SO good.

  5. Jeans look great and love how you've styled them! Cool post as per-usual ;-)

  6. Wow. I just found your blog through some link and WOW. I love your style and you hair is just everything. Thanks for being awesome. I look forward to your future posts!



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