photo cub7_zps8f60a60f.jpg photo cub6_zps8c4f66c1.jpg photo cub5_zps7db91b10.jpg
jacket: vintage
blouse: vintage
shoes: vintage
shorts: american apparel

There was this one time a few days ago, it was so warm, I couldn't even wear pants. That doesn't happen often so far this summer, but hey I'm not really complaining. So far the weather has been fairly European, and me gusta.

Clearly I was channeling my inner cub scout. With a touch of Anna Karina with the makeup (which you can't really see) I was going on a biking excursion, and when I do I try to be comfortable without losing my personal style. Biking seems to be my number one pastime lately. Remember when it used to be watching TV? So glad I got out the house, put on my gear, and went on an adventure!

PLUS! I'm becoming really fond of this workers jacket I scored at the thrift store from the 60s! I wanted something army-ish, not certain what it was once used for, but I'm happy to give it a home.

 photo cub4_zps8ce3cf88.jpg photo cub2_zpsd3733118.jpg photo cub3_zpsa2354e20.jpg photo cub1_zpsa4d684f2.jpg


  1. You rock vintage well.

  2. Yo mamma, you sexy! Look at those legs!! x

  3. love these shorts on you! the fit is really great!

  4. You look amazing - I'm so obsessed with the shorts xo

  5. These shorts look awesome on you. I love the loafers and socks combination going on here too.

  6. That jacket is a solid score. Well done.


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