la femme

 photo blossom1_zps7f4bf94d.jpg photo blossom2_zps47eba5d2.jpg
breton shirt: loft
skirt: f21
shoes: gap
scarf: vintage

Even though I have this current love for menswear, I can wear skirts too! I was feeling particularly Parisian recently and threw on a classic breton stripe shirt and a scarf. Sigh! Remember when it was warm? I feels like we skipped summer and moved on to fall! Oh well, I've never been a super fan of the heat.

style note! I have long legs but a short waist! I notice if I buy petite shirts they fit better than regular ones, only if their not long sleeved! It hits at waist like I prefer versus over my butt, giving me a balloon butt, ugh I hate that :/


  1. The neck scarf is so cute! You look lovely xo

  2. This is very pretty! I really have come to adore black and white stripes with pops of color and this works that combination extremely well!


  3. I definitely know what you mean about shirt lengths. I wish more companies had shirts in petite sizing because they're all way too long. I just have to tuck them in. This striped top is perfect. I love it with the yellow skirt and fantastic flats!


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