summer musings

This summer is literally flying by. Can you believe its already July? Perhaps what adds to the oddity of it, is how its been so very cold in Chicago. I think it's JUST starting to feel like summer, or some poor excuse of that. If you like humid, wet, and muggy weather that makes you feel like your sitting in the armpit of the incredible Hulk, then move to Chicago before you miss out on this lovely weather.

I haven't really had time to take many outfit posts unless you find button down shirts and black pants on the regular, high fashion. But I still try to stay youthful and fun. So here's some photos of my escapades.

 photo sm3_zps86c99d9a.jpg photo sm6_zps7cdece1b.jpg photo sm2_zps74953e44.jpg photo sm4_zpsed555a54.jpg photo sm1_zpsa0799a0b.jpg photo sm5_zpse6023870.jpg
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  1. love that first outfit!! And summer really is zooming by!

  2. that last picture is pure greatness from the reflection with the trees to your big hair it looks so well

  3. lovely pictures and nice blog! xx

  4. Ahhh, these are perfect summer photos. Makes me wish I could just laze about Chicago all day - don't worry, Minnesota is the other armpit of the Hulk, so I'm used to the weather.

    Love the fireworks photo, your shots are always so dreamy!!!!

  6. Love all your pics!
    Your dog is so cute!
    Um BTW that book store is awesome!!!! I've only been there twice but I love it! I think I could spend a day in there! I've been meaning to go back. Every time I pass it I'm like "Man I need to go back again and give myself like 2-3 hours to just browse in there!"


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