desperately seeking suuuz

 photo sa1_zpsbee80cf7.jpg photo sa4_zps61c5819d.jpg photo sa2_zps2a868119.jpg
hully-gully skirt: c/o shabby apple
dotted crop: AA
jersey leather style jacket: stolen from my mother (hahah!)
creepers: F21

Gonna be honest, I've never seen that move all the way through, but I do know that it definitely "iconosizes" that 80s cool girl look trademarked by the 80s power houses like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. I'm not sure what came over me when I was getting dressed this day, but I was definitely feeling a little 80s punk. Big hair, polka dots, but with a little bit of edge with the jacket and creepers.

What a better look to throw rocks down the alley, pop gum, and get into some trouble?

 photo sa6_zpsa44b4316.jpg photo sa7_zps408dd2f9.jpg photo sa5_zps2a5fbd41.jpg photo sa3_zps1648af87.jpg


  1. That skirt is so gorgeous, what a statement piece! xo

  2. i love it. the polka dots on polka dots...the jacket, the 80s punk vibe....

  3. This outfit is so awesome. I want to wear it! The double polka dots are perfect and I love that jacket you borrowed from your mom. I love the 80s feel of this outfit!

  4. Oh man I am going through a serious Cyndi obsession, which basically consists of me flailing around my room to the sound of she bop on repeat. But this definitely inspires me to translate my mixtape feels into an outfit ^^

    Also I have just discovered your blog and I LOVE it, so nice to see someone else who is interested in tomboy style. Whilst I go through phases of dressing ultra cute, tailored shirts and pull overs is definitely where my heart's at <3



  5. That movie is amazing....almost as amazing as this outfit! Love me some polkadots!

  6. This look is seriously PERFECT with the double dots and creepers! ♡‿♡ And of course, you are gorgeous as always.

  7. Love love this outfit and your lip color.

  8. Only thing better than a pencil skirt- a polka dot pencil skirt!


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