It may or may not come to a surprise to you, that I love Phoenix. Okay I may not talk about it as much as I do on tumblr, but I LOVES ME SUM FEENIX, ever since watching Virigin Suicides as a kid with my brother. He went more of the Air & Daft Punk route, while I went more Air & Phoenix. I don't think there's a song of theirs that I don't appreciate...

So this summer before I headed out to the big apple my friends and I collaborated on this video. It's supposed to be a little reminiscent of an after school special you would have caught after watching Freakazoid and Wishbone.

Anyway, I'm actually seeing these French babies tonight while I'm home for the weekend at my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE VENUE (aragon ballroom, those from chicago know, it's even Phoenix's favorite venue) Hope you guys enjoyed watching me make a fool of myself!

Happy Caturday


  1. that video made me incredibly happy and put a smile on my face. :)

  2. This is ridiculously adorable! I especially adore the old VHS quality. Great job

  3. I love them too! Recently i did an album review for Bankrupt on my blog!

    Chymere A. 7

  4. I love watching your little 7-up Spot gif dancing to this song :D

    This video is so great - lol Freakazoid = the best

    DId you win the arm wrestling contest?!


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