photo ash9_zpsad149f48.jpg photo ash8_zps9abe3250.jpg photo ash4_zpse0c3b900.jpg photo ash11_zps3c89b8f3.jpg photo ash7_zpsbb30b5ce.jpgjeans: c/o articles of society
blouse: vintage
shoes: bass
hat: c/o D&Y

Its funny how certain things trigger unrelated memories. I always ignored the parks in Chicago because they are usually pretty crowded with tourist or out of the way. But when a friend from out of town visited, she remarked on how the reminded her of Europe. And it's true, Chicago does remind me of Paris.

I spent half my summer searching for the Parisian world of Chicago, and now that I'm in NYC I'm looking for the NYC things that remind me of Chicago. Nothing like a wild goose chase.

So far the only thing that remind me of home is binge watching Fraiser on Netflix. I love Fraish! More than any other show on television the dynamic of that family will always remind me of my family. My nerdy brother, my annoying self, and my down to earth mother. We really are them, and whenever I watch I am reminded of them. Even though my brother now lives in Florida, my mom is still in Chicago, and I'm in NYC, I can watch Fraiser and be reminded of the silly things we used to fight about. See the strangest things remind of the sweetest memories.

ON ANOTHER NOTE, how sweet are these jeans? White silk blouse, and hat, and a red lip. Perfect early fall casual as I walked around the parks in Chicago. I really love these Articles of Society jeans. They fit like a dream and make me feel like a dreamboat haha! So these booty shakin' poses are just for you guys!

 photo ash5_zpsa7cf1a7b.jpg photo ash2_zpseb0809d6.jpg photo ash1_zpsca524401.jpg photo ash3_zps94b8c48a.jpg photo ash12_zps32e5aca8.jpg photo ash10_zpsce5c35b2.jpg


  1. Ahaha the pictures of you with the statue. It's really hard to resist posing with statues. I understand. I also really love your casual jeans and button-down top. The jeans look awesome on you!

  2. You look amazing, I am SO obsessed with your shoes ox

  3. Ha! I love that your family is so close to the Kranes. Frasier is seriously one of my favorite shows... up to a certain season, I can't remember which one it sort of slowly rolls itself over the shark.

    Also YEP those jeans. I saw the first photo and was immediately obsessed. Need a pair in my life!

  4. Wow, this is just so cool and sophisticated. Great photos as always too!

  5. Just started following, and I must say I adore. Effortless, sincere and completely you. And I am finding them jeans stat.


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