Sparkle Sparkle

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Remember when we were kids and we used to believe in magic and fairy tales? Well can I tell you a secret? Even though today marks my birthday and I'm a year older and somewhat wiser, I still believe in magic myself. Why else would I pick up my kit and move miles away. To chase a dream my dear friends.

The Artemisian sent me this lovely fairy dust band, made from a vintage watch finding and filled with fairy dust. Hopefully it will help my dreams come true while I'm living here.

You can get you're very own fairy dust band or check out some of the other magical things The Artemisian has to offer at their site. But don't forget to use this code AVNTBLRGH for 15% your purchase, say its a little birthday gift I'm giving you.


  1. what ARE your dreams? I'm working on becoming an art-critic-comedic-actor-novelist-honkytonk-goth-fashion-journalist-seamstress.

  2. Happy birthday! <3 That band is so adorable. I hope it brings more magic to your life!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! What an awesome gift! Disney movies raised me so I'm all about the dreams coming true thing!


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