family affairs studio visit

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during NYFW (gosh was it really that long ago) I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Nina's studio to get a special sneak peak of Family Affairs Spring 2014. Visiting Nina's studio is always such a joy because she always has little tea party treats and tons of sweet samples to try on. It was super super fun! I even stepped out of my shell to try on some things too. I normally don't dress this sweet, but Family Affairs clothing is almost undeniably irresistible, like being surrounded in a room of squishy pikachus. Plus I got told that I looked like Rachel Tru from the craft!  I love all the vintage and deadstock fabrics she uses, plus everything fits so well. I'm excited to see this collection in full, especially the braces print that she illustrated! Makes me think of young love, and being 12 and wearing too much make up. I always wanted braces and glassses, well I guess I got one of my wishes didn't I...

 photo fa5_zps19bb20c0.jpg photo fa7_zpsd4a4d7c1.jpg photo fa4_zps06bbb8b8.jpg photo fa10_zpsa0485241.jpg photo fa1_zpsf33c132a.jpg Even got to snap the super cute designer Nina ;)


  1. Cute pieces! What an awesome opportunity to check out a creative space.

    The Rambling Fangirl

  2. You are the BOMB with print mixing. Wow.

    xo Ashley

  3. Family Affair looks so good.
    Love the lighting in the shots too x

  4. You look gooooooorgeous, the lighting, the hair, everything <3 #girlcrush


    Sade XO

  5. What a beautiful collection - you look great. Great blog, great style! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  6. such a dreamy collection..youre very lucky to have that opportunity and these social connections

  7. you look fantastic in both of your looks!

  8. I am in love with the first loo. its the cutest and the color of the dress is so pretty on you!


  9. love your style and natural beauty!!


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