ink in water

 photo move9_zpseb5bcd47.jpg photo move3_zpsd21b40cc.jpg photo move4_zpsef84d421.jpg photo move11_zpsc8616bc4.jpg
sweater: thrifted (similar here)
trousers: french connection (similar here) (& here)
demin shirt: old navy (similar here)
shoes: thrifted (similar here) (& here)
new glasses! warby parker

life has been hectic! and now with the sun setting at 2 in the afternoon (exaggeration) it has become more and more impossible to get outfit posts. I'm going home work a short sabbatical soon (yay) so hopefully with davey on my side I can get back to blogging on a full swing!

I really like this outfit. In fact it's probably one of my favorites. Wore it to see, Gravity in imax 3d smell-a-vision (which was stunning everyone should watch it!). Normally I would be afraid to wear something like this, it's big a oversized and probably makes me look "fat" but I like it and don't care anymore. I used to care, I used to care A LOT about looking fat, now these days I have so many other concerns, like having groceries to eat, than to worry about looking fat. Plus there was a time in my life where I could barely fit in these pants...and they fit closer to skinny jeans than to trousers...weird right. 

Anyway I really love the contrast of this set, reminds me of watching ink in water. It's weight less, it hangs it has such playful movement. I'm starting to enjoy the playfulness of clothes than being trendy these days. Guess cause I'm old now (not really) but I feel old. Or at least less insecure... 
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  1. These are really gorgeous photos - I love your shirt xo

  2. Love your sweater. The colour's just perfect and is needed in my life. I've only heard great thing about Gravity from people who've watched it. And I see you got your Sarandon-esque glasses

    Gorgeous as always.

  3. J'adore ta tenue & tes cheveux sont à tomber c'est trop beau avec les mèches plus claires!! Bon mardi Bianca M-C

  4. You always have the best outlook on life and I really admire that you're so comfortable in sharing these things with your readers! Kudos 4ever.

    And as always, love the whole outfit! I really want a sweater just like that one.

  5. such a pretty deep blue! lure. how did you like gravity!? how long are you gonna be gone!?

  6. And you're greater than great !

  7. I love your style! Super easy and super beautiful.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  8. What a sweet outfit. I truly do admire your style!!

  9. I love the poetic analogy, Bianca. Your words made it effortless for me to relate the outfit to the movement of flowing water and the various shades of water. This outfit is totally in the comfort zone but you gave me a different perspective about this look. Sometimes, oversized tops and bottoms can look quite chic. It's all about the styling. Thanks for a delightful post.

  10. Great style, a bit boyish and stylish ! Love it !
    Your glasses are awesome !

  11. I totally love your outfit! I'm always wearing big sweaters this season. :) How did you like Gravity? I thought it was pretty amazing cinematically!

  12. Your trousers look super comfortable~
    I don't know if it is because of my work place, but I literally wear the sameee jeans almost everyday with a simple shirt...I don't care about looking fashionable...all that matters is comfort at this point haha. I sit in front of the computer for eight hours clothes are the last thing on my mind. There are people who dress up everyday, however. I am impressed at their strength!! Perhaps I'm just lazyyyyy~

    Your hair is super cute as alwayyssss~ Super volume!!!

  13. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, you do NOT look fat! That is an absolutely beautiful color on you! Just followed you on bloglovin'.

    With Love From Hollywood,
    Fashion Addict LA
    Recent DIY: DIY Lucite Perfume Clutch
    Recent post: Not all black and white

  14. Girl, you truly don't need to worry about looking fat, you are fabulous and I love your style! This outfit is the perfect causal girl about town outfit! >^_^<


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