I am a vampire

 photo vamp13_zps5cd9c9b0.jpg photo vamp10_zpse5339adf.jpg photo vamp11_zpsb3088f93.jpg photo vamp14_zps221ba976.jpg photo vamp18_zpsc8dbf9ba.jpg photo vamp2_zps1c63bbe4.jpgcozy coat: vintage (found in Michigan!) similar x & x
new yorker comic book face shirt: vintage, similar x & x
high waist mom jeans: my moms! similar x & x <- good for us hippy gals!
loafers: thrifted, similar similar x & x
space camp brooch: from that time when I went to space camp, but this one is pretty cool
glasses: c/o warby parker

Well it's official. I am a vampire. Okay, not really. But I certainly looked like one. These past couple of days I've spent back in Chicago falling in love and losing sleep with the city all over again. Although I consider myself a New Yorker, I think I realize I will always be a Midwest gal! Even if my vampy way of dressing garners a few stares. The onlooker stares used to make be self conscious, but these days I'm just like "yes I am weird, and I like being weird" in New York it's so easy to blend, almost nothing is special because everything is special, but I like feeling like a John Hughes outsider here. I've grown accustomed to my own angst.

Falling in love with Chicago again, comes with a few trips to the lakeshore. Even though I live on an ISLAND now, I hardly see the water like I did in Chicago. Why, it's nearly hard to escape. Plus with such  beautiful (mostly abandoned) architecture on the water, it's hard to resist taking photos by the lake breezes everyday. Oh Chicago, you sneaky bastard, I do love you.

 photo vamp15_zps55a84ed9.jpg photo vamp5_zpseb27a66a.jpg photo vamp3_zps544da532.jpg photo vamp1_zps450fd9b0.jpg photo vamp6_zpsaeb9697d.jpg photo vamp4_zps9c225dd0.jpg photo vamp17_zps0e091ef0.jpg photo vamp16_zps3cf3387d.jpg

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  1. I really want to visit Chicago. These photos are SO great, you look stunning and it looks like you had so much fun shooting! Love your shoes xo

  2. Loving the print on that shirt.

  3. You're just a beauty! Adore these pics

  4. I know everyone always talks about your hair, but I can't help it - I have to give you another compliment. It's gorgeous.

    I love the shirt's print & your cute flats, too!

    With Love From Hollywood,
    Fashion Addict LA
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  5. You are a flawless creature. Your style is impeccable. x


  6. that place looks amazing! and i love love love your hair! also, mum jeans are the best. and bela lugosi.

  7. Oh my god! These photos are gorgeous. Love your coat.


  8. You look so cute! I love the shape of this coat.

  9. you're such a babe! i need to visit chicago, like NOW!

  10. i'd love to know where you got that watch. it's gorgeous.

  11. I love this look, your hair and these photos. The photos are dark but fun!



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