Planning ahead

 photo look0_zps18190452.jpg photo look1_zpsd25a829d.jpg photo look2_zps81fc57f8.jpgSince I still can't fully move around yet, and the weather outside isn't necessarily inviting to ootd, I decided to curate some look I would love to wear once I'm 100%. Need Supply sent me these Outsider Pants I've been DREAMING ABOUT. Ya know how in my last post, I was talking about a more "relaxed" look in 2014? These guys definitely scream tailored comfort, is that a real thing? Anyways...For the first look I was thinking something a little bit more sleek, like all black, even though the pants are navy. I think the boots and glasses, with the clutch say work day, but with a gallery opening in the evening, right? Look two is very BLARGH with the vintage suit jacket, shoes, and blouse. Which look do you like more?


  1. Looooooooooove that all black outfit, the top is super cute!

    Faye x

  2. I like the black outfit, and usually I'm all for color.The other look looks more like your regular outfits. It would be cool, if the black top was cropped, just to show a bit midriff, or a peek of a bodysuit with lace underneath. That would give the look some 'air' and a nice cut. Don't be afraid to top your look off with black eye shadow. A bit extreme, but also unexpected ;)

  3. Black outfit, definitely! Those trousers look super comfy and there's something really 'art student' about the look that appeals to me *smiles*.

  4. er, well everyone likes the first outfit... but I still like the second one so there...

  5. love both looks, but i'm all over number 2. more you and just more interesting. i feel like look number 1 is more likely to be seen anywhere, but the second look is so unique.


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