M is for Meowza

 photo cheer8_zps9e31b119.jpg photo cheer2_zps70b2b2b0.jpg photo cheer4_zpsa81a0712.jpgcat eye glasses c/o ozeal

Ozeal sent me these cool cat eye glasses. Which I am pretty excited to own. Its been years since I had any, and I thought it would be fun to have a throwback to my younger years. Did you know growing up I was a NERD? hold your shock please. But I was far from the cheerleaders and cool kids. I wore stark black cateye glasses in high school and pretended to be Enid Coleslaw whilst listening to Cibo Matto and eating pocky. Oh my what good ole days those were! Now as an adult it's kinda fun to switch roles and dress up as the ever so school cheerleader. Though in my mind I wouldn't be the poster child for the neighborhood. I'd be dating some boy in college, and skipping class while still bringing home straight As. Wait that is basically what I did in high school. Meh

I'm really excited to be wearing these lenses though, I like that they are big and have that cool fade at the bottom. I can see these bad boys going into heavy rotation ASAP.

 photo cheer5_zpsa49fffed.jpg photo cheer3_zpsb18e8696.jpg photo cheer6_zps44edf3be.jpg photo cheer1_zps9e4bacc0.jpg


  1. You look amazing - this is really stunning xo

  2. I don't even have words this is so perfect.


  3. amazing outfit, I love your hair :)


  4. I hope "cynical schoolgirl" picks up as a trend following this post!

  5. That ensemble is very cheerleader chic. Haha! School jerseys and sweaters really look good on everyone and are very versatile. They can look good for any fashion style, like geeky (the style you’re going for), preppy and even athletic. Nice shots. :)

    Jennine Stalder @ UE Sports

  6. Really funky look ! love it !


  7. I have this! Love this top! kinda sad to put it away for the summer.

  8. Wow ! I love it :)


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