eye scream for ice cream & john ruvin

 photo 1sm_zps6eb4cd78.jpg photo 2sm_zps88f431b6.jpg photo 3sm_zps8a1964f1.jpg photo 4sm_zpscff7d849.jpg photo 6sm_zps6882705c.jpg photo 7sm_zps46259191.jpg photo 9sm_zps87ee9bb5.jpg photo 8sm_zps2dd0c92a.jpg photo 12sm_zpsc650e638.jpg photo 11sm_zps517529d0.jpg photo 10sm_zps36419c83.jpg photo 13sm_zps657459a5.jpgLast weekend Dave and I collaborated on the story telling photo album for John Ruvin glasses. We wanted to play with a simple his and her story that captivated the warmth and playfulness of summer. Overall it was a super fun shoot, and it was nice to do something different than what I normally do with outfit posts. Sure my outfit was key to the overall theme, sugary pastels that make you think of two scoops of ice cream, but to tell a story was the most important objective in this shoot. Plus it was fun to shoot the man behind the camera as well, and dress him up for the story. I think doing this project for John Ruvin has definitely inspired me and helped me get out of a blogging funk I felt like I was stuck in since the turn of the new year.

Both Dave and I are wearing Prescott by John Ruvin, I have on the Amber Ombre, while Dave went with Traditional Tortoise.

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them! Happy Summer (finally!!) photo 14sm_zps6361f957.jpg



    These pictures are so great! Your fella is adorable! You guys are my favorite fashion plates! I need more pastels and ice cream in my life! Exclamation points!!

  2. So cool, I need ice cream right now :D M-C

  3. I love everything about this so much right now this makes me so happy.


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